Designing for learning

What I think a successful online class should look like

Components of my ideal online class

I’ve created a mind map (created with wisemapping) in an attempt to bring together the emergent thoughts, impressions and ideas I’ve been having about designing for online learning.  It is essentially the very beginnings of my knowledge (if we prescribe to the notion that information is knowledge-in-waiting) about online learning. My novice mental model of the field, so to speak.

It is very rough, but that really should be expected. There are gaps in my knowledge. After all, 13 weeks does not really an expert make.  If Gladwell is to believed, that’ll take about 10,000 hours.

But there it is  – a snapshot of my mental model on the design of online learning after 13 weeks of skimming the field.


What didya you think?

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