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Designing for learning

What I think a successful online class should look like

I’ve created a mind map (created with wisemapping) in an attempt to bring together the emergent thoughts, impressions and ideas I’ve been having about designing for online learning.  It is essentially the very beginnings of my knowledge (if we prescribe to the notion that information is knowledge-in-waiting) about online learning. My novice mental model of the field, … Continue reading


Professional Learning Communities vs Bounded Learning Communities

I’ve been looking into online learning communities, as I’ve reflected on my use of Twitter and begin delving into the support mechanisms of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL). What has caught my attention is the types of online learning communities which exist, and how they come about. I’m concentrating on two types here – online … Continue reading


Learning communities as a feature of collaborative learning

As the term suggests, collaborative learning involves a group of people collectively negotiating and sharing meaning as they work together to complete a shared task (Stahl, Koschmann and Suthers, 2006). The process of collaborative learning share some similarities with cooperative learning in that they both utilise small group work to achieve learning outcomes. However, individual … Continue reading